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8 Weeks to Canada’s Hottest Women

This Once-in-a-Lifetime 8 Weeks to Fabu-LAUS is ready for the women
who are looking to build confidence and have a chance to win $20,000!

This a complete transformation focuses on losing body fat,
toning up, and bringing out your SEXY!

Canada’s Hottest Women Contest

Dave Laus and Maxim Canada are touring across Canada to find
Canada’s Hottest Women and I’m here to help that be YOU!

The top 3 winners will be treated to over $20,000 in prizes, a Photoshoot with Maxim Canada’s Chief Photographer, Dave Laus, and a video with Pouyan Fard. They will also be  featured in an upcoming issue of Maxim Canada.

And on top of that, the Top 100 women will be featured in a special edition digital issue on the Maxim Canada Website.

8 Weeks to Fabu-LAUS includes:

  • Entry to Canada’s Hottest Women Competition in collaboration with MAXIM Canada

  • 1 Hour Photoshoot for your official submission

  • No submission fee!

  • Programs designed to get you in the best shape for your shot at $20,000!

  • Initial online assessment

  • Customized weight training, cardio, diet plans, supplement, vitamin, and minerals list

  • Bi-weekly photo analysis to help track your progress

  • Unlimited email/some text support for questions/concerns (Skype for non-local clients)

  • #TeamLaus athlete tshirt or tank top

  • Photo shoot with fitness photographer Dave Laus including hair and makeup by Two Chicks and Some Lipstick

  • Also includes makeup tips from Two Chicks and  training tips/seminar with coach Nichelle Laus.

Frequestly Asked Questions

When is payment due?2018-12-20T22:36:16-05:00

Payment is due before the start of the program.

Can any of the dates be changed?2019-02-25T23:15:32-05:00

No. So make sure you are available on the photo shoot date before committing:


Is my payment refundable?2017-01-30T13:50:32-05:00

No. These prices are based on an ongoing and continuous program. I will be helping, supporting, and following your entire journey which takes a lot of time and effort on my part. Booking Two Chicks and Some Lipstick and Dave Laus requires me to make payment to them in full for keeping them booked for us, their time, expertise, and any costs associated to them. If ONE person cancels, it means the rest of the group will need to front the money to make up for it. If you cancel, no problem but YOUR MONEY WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

What if I have a restricted diet or injuries?2017-01-30T13:49:54-05:00

I work with all restrictions and limitations. Every plan is customized and tailored to each individual depending on different variables. There will be an online client assessment to fill out, a health form, and a waiver to be acknowledged before we start.

Is there support along the way?2017-01-30T13:52:39-05:00

Yes most definitely. I am with you your entire journey. You can also join my private Facebook group (Team Laus) and my Instagram page @teamlaus for support, questions, motivational posts, and comments. You will have unlimited email support from me as well.

What if I fall ill or for health reasons cannot finish the program?2017-01-30T13:52:44-05:00

You cannot be refunded your payment. I will credit you in meal plans and training routines for when you are healthy enough to continue on again.

This once-in-a-lifetime 8 Weeks to Fabu-LAUS has a few important dates that are required for you to be available to participate in the program.

Please check your availability for the following dates.

August 6 – Registration closes
August 7  – Journey starts
October 1  – Journey ends
October 2 – Hour long photoshoot

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Regularly priced at $2200, when you join us Team Laus for this limited time program, you will only pay $1599 plus tax (13%) and PayPal processing fee (2.9% of package price + .30 per transaction) and taxes. (HST number provided)

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