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Hi I’m Nichelle Laus, and I am all about changing lives.

I  am the owner of Optimum Training Centre, Publisher of NL Women’s Magazine, transformation specialist, published cover model, figure competitor, motivational speaker, and a proud Mom of 4 boys.

A few years ago I resigned from my 15 year career as a police officer to pursue my love of health and fitness.

I am also a Fitness Expert and article contributor, and model for various fitness magazines. I have appeared in 4 television commercials for Nike, promotional and advertising campaigns for various products and companies, and infomercials.

I have trained and competed at an amateur level in both boxing and kick boxing for over 18 years. The hard training, and dedication eased my transition into figure and bikini competitions in which I started in 2005.

Health and fitness is my outlet. It’s the one thing I can do on my own time, which is important with 4 children and a full time career. It’s also the one thing that truly makes me feel strong, both inside and out.

I am dedicated to clean eating, training, and motivating other women and mothers, and setting a great example to my own children as well as young teenagers. The children are our future, so let’s help them lead to the way to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Come train with me and let me help you turn your dreams into reality.

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Meet My Team

Julie Adamson

Assistant Online Transformation Coach

I started my journey of competing in May 2013. Since then I have competed in 8 competitions. In June 2016 I won my Pro Card in Bikini with UFE. I achieved this at the age of 42 proving that age is just a number. I love the sport of competing as I’m a goal setter. There is nothing more satisfying than setting a goal for yourself and achieving it. I currently compete at a Pro Level in Bikini and coach girls in posing and stage presence. I have been part of Team Laus since the beginning and look forward to helping you reach your goal.

Jamie Ferrante

Assistant Online Transformation Coach

Jamie started with Team Laus in 2016 looking for motivation to get back into shape for her 40th birthday. She entered my first competition in 2017 and after 3 competitions she has earned her Pro Cards in Fitness & Fitness Model with UFE.
Jamie is a certified personal trainer, Body Shred instructor and business owner of Fitness Clubs of Canada in Aurora.
As a wife, Mom of 3, entrepreneur and fitness competitor Jamie understands the busy schedules of Moms and business women.
She is passionate about her family and fitness and wants to inspire others to take charge of their health and step outside of their comfort zone to reach for their fitness goals.

Jaime Filer

Online Contributor

Jaime is a journalist, serial competitor, crossfitter, Personal trainer and Super League Lightweight Pro. You can learn more about Jaime by clicking HERE.