Worked out with my new women’s Better Bodies weight belt, made of neoprene making it lightweight while providing comfort and soft back support.
What are the benefits of a weight belt? 1) They provide lower back support 2) Reduce lower back stress
3) Help maintain proper form while lifting
4) Prevent hypertension of the lower back during and overhead lifts 5) Makes you aware of your posture

Weight belts are useful when performing squats, deadlifts, any overhead lifts, and other big compound movements.

Choosing the correct weight belt size is important for size and comfort, and must be worn tightly for maximum performance.

How to size for a weight belt?

For an accurate sizing, measure your waist by running a measuring tape around your relaxed stomach (making sure you cross over your navel) while wearing your workout clothes on. These will be what you will wear when you use the weight belt and will give you the most accurate fit.

Refer to the Better Bodies belt size guide. Match up your waist size with the guide and choose a belt size that is about 10cm (4inches) smaller than your relaxed waist size. Secure it so it fits tightly. Practice a movement you would do while wearing the belt. If it fits properly, it should fit snug but not cut into your ribs while doing the movement.

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