“Dear Candy Fairy, We have chosen our candy and here is the rest for donation. Thank you, Ethan”

With 3 boys, Halloween candy can get out of hand! So, we had a great idea from our friend – the Candy Fairy!

After sorting through all the candy, we had the boys place their favorite goodies in their own personalized Ziploc bag. Then the remainder of all the candy gets left in a big bag to be donated and delivered by the Candy Fairy to the less fortunate kids. In return for their generosity, she leaves a toy (an inexpensive one) for each of them. 

The purpose is not only to get rid of excess candy, but the kids LOVE feeling like they are giving back and they truly feel happy that they are helping out the less fortunate.

So, if you have too much candy and want an excellent way to rid of it and make your kids feel great, invite the Candy Fairy into your house and watch your kids smile.