Due to genetics, you cannot change your body type. But understanding your body type can help you plan and maximize your training and diet program.  

Ectomorph – This body type is classified as the hardgainer. Ectomorphs have a hard time gaining weight. They have a fast metabolism and need large amounts of calories in order to gain weight.  They can lose fat very easy.

When trying to gain muscle, ectomorphs can keep their cardio to a minimum. Weight workouts should be intense, short, and focused on using big muscle groups using heavy weights with rest time 2-3 minutes between sets.

Mesomorph – This body type is the best for muscle building. Mesomorphs find it easy to gain and lose weight. They have a large bone structure, large muscles, and a naturally athletic physique. Mesomorphs can easily gain weight so if planning a diet program, pay particular attention on calorie intake.

A weight program for a mesomorph should consist of weights using moderate weight with short rest time in between sets and a substantial amount of cardio (5 days or so a week). 

Endomorph – This body type is opposite to the ectomorph. Endomorphs gain weight easily. They have a slow metabolism and are typically strong, thick, and “big boned”.  An endomorph diet should consist of a lot of small meals concentrating on protein and carbs, and keeping fats to a minimum.  

A training program for an endomorph should always include an increase in cardio as well as moderate  weights.

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