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Fit & FabuLAUS

For Women Who are Looking to Build Lean Muscle and Lose Body Fat.

Busy schedules are no match for this program! Designed specifically for women with busy schedules,
Fit & FabuLAUS gives you everything you need to succeed without taking over your entire life!

Fit & Fabu-LAUS includes:

  • My Tried and True Fit & FabuLAUS

  • 12 Week Transformation Workout Program (For Gym or At Home)

  • Meal Plan Designed to Build Lean Muscle, and Burn Fat (available for No Restrictions, Vegan, Vegetarian, & Gluten Free)

  • Complete Grocery List for Every Stage of Your Meal Plan

  • Unlimited Access to the Team Laus Members Page

  • Step by Step Videos For Every Workout

  • Printable Guides and Cheat Sheets

  • Access to the Team Laus private Facebook group.

  • And much more info…

Frequestly Asked Questions


There will be an instructional email sent out with your plans that should cover all your questions. As an added bonus, you will have access to the private team page on Facebook, and members website as well. It is a place to have fun, share comments, ideas, journey joys, jokes, and of course, my favorite, flexes! The girls are absolutely amazing and so helpful and supportive of one another!

What If I Don’t Have a Gym Membership?2019-11-19T17:39:08-05:00

When you purchase the Fit and FabuLAUS program, you must choose your workout type before checking out. I have designed a gym workout, as well as a home workout design.

What If I Don’t Like Some Food or Have Allergies?2019-11-19T17:39:08-05:00

There are food substitutions available for foods you don’t like and allergies.

What if I am Vegan, Vegetarian, or Gluten Sensitive?2019-11-19T17:39:08-05:00

When you purchase the Fit and FabuLAUS program, you will choose your meal type before checking out. I have designed no restrictions, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free meal plans to suit your needs.

How Does Fit & FabuLAUS Differ from Get in Your Best Shape?2020-01-31T13:40:04-05:00

The Get in Your Best Shape program plans are completely customized to your specific goals and needs. The Fit and FabuLAUS  program plans are generic and are designed to build lean muscle and lose body fat for budget conscious, busy women in mind.

How Does it Work?2019-11-19T17:39:08-05:00

Once you join, I will send you all you need, including an instructional email and all your plans (6 meal plans, and 3 training routines).

For a transformation to be truly effective, NUTRITION is extremely important and 80% of the success. The plans are designed for a 5’7, 130 lbs woman. Because the meal plans are not customized, you may have to add or subtract the food amounts depending (this is all explained in the instructional email once you have joined).

As for the training routines, they are designed to build lean muscle and burn body fat.  If you don’t understand some of the exercises make sure to check out the members area which has complete workout videos for every day of your plan!

What is Fit & FabuLAUS?2020-01-31T13:39:14-05:00

Fit & FabuLaus is the ultimate 12 week transformation package designed for busy women who are looking to build lean muscle and lose body fat.

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