This transformation program is nothing like you’ve ever experienced! This is not a competition with anyone, it’s you vs. you.

Here’s how it works! You and up to a total of 9 others (or 5 total couples) will start the program together.

Your meal and training plans will be designed and sent to during the course of the journey. They will be customized to your goals, needs, and your progress check in pictures.

You will also be provided with a list of what supplements, vitamins, and any minerals needed for your journey. Some include multi-vitamin, vitamin C, whey isolate protein powder, l-Glutamine, pre-workout, BCAAs, etc.

You will all get a #TEAMLAUS Athlete tank or tee of your choice for FREE (men’s t-shirts coming soon!).

You will also get a FREE fitmark bags meal management bag (The Shield LG), Team Laus edition, in pink or black (value $125 CDN).

At the beginning of the program, you and the other girls on the 8 weeks to fabu-LAUS program will participate in a group bootcamp session and training clinic led by Nichelle Laus at Optimum Training Centre in Etobicoke, Ontario.

At the end of the journey, we will all get together for a day of fun at Studio Two22.

All participants will have their hair and makeup professionally done (grooming for the males) by Two Chicks and Some Lipstick. They will also be providing makeup tips, share how-to video links, provide makeup advice, and share with you their favorite go-to products!

There will also be a 30 minute photoshoot scheduled with fitness and physique photographer Dave Laus consisting of 3 different looks, 3 free edits (any extra edits are additional), and all of your pictures given to you on a USB stick. I will also be there to coordinate, and assist with your shoot. Note: For the couples program, one partner will have a solo 10 minute photo shoot, then the other partner will have a solo 10 minute shoot, then they will have a 10 minute photo shoot together.

During the day, I will also host a small seminar on the following subjects:

How to stay motivated
Maintaining balance
Moms how to schedule/balance

It will also include a question and answer period for all your post journey questions.

Remember, your results will reflect the work you put in. You don’t work, you won’t see results. Simple. At the end of the day, this is your journey, your path, your transformation. Make it one to remember. I’ll support you all the way but I can’t do the work for you.


The 8 weeks to fabu-LAUS single program is $1099 plus tax payable in full from my website with PayPal.

The 8 weeks to fabu-LAUS couples program is $1899 plus tax payable in full from my website with PayPal.

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