Success Story: Karen Miller, 8 weeks to fabuLAUS – overcoming drugs and alcohol with fitness!

The girl you see in those pics has a past. The girl in those pictures is who I’ve always dreamt on building. I’ve always wanted to live in that girls shoes. She looks healthy, confident, happy, defined, and in shape.
I turned to fitness and this program to be held accountable to push myself. It worked! You see, the girl in those pictures was not any of those traits until she chose to surrender!

Hi my name is Karen Miller and I was an alcoholic and drug addict. I used alcohol from the tender age of 15 and became dependent on it from 25-30. Became so addicted to the addiction I had no choice except to pack my suitcase and ask my parents to take me either to a hospital to get help or a rehab. I chose rehab.

I am now 38, and the only escape that works for me and my anxiety to boot is the gym! It’s my playground. I find that when I workout all the good feelings flood my body with greatness and I want to keep on that healthy path. That’s accompanied with healthy eating, rest and commitment.

The 8 weeks to Fabulaus gave me the fuel I needed to keep going. Hey if I can turn my life around for these last almost 9 years, then I can get my ass to the gym. I once was behind bars, now I can decided who I want to be, and stay on that path. I went from creating that girl you see in those pictures to becoming her inside and out.

This is my story in a nutshell. Transformation starts with the willingness, a decision and a commitment. That’s what I’ve applied to this program and it’s best if you have someone by your side.

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