Mom-Hacking Canada’s Wonderland

Fun fact about me: I use to patrol the magical land and area of Canada’s Wonderland during my years on as a Police Officer for York Region. It has also always been a favorite landmark of mine, due to it being one of Canada’s most popular destinations, attracting tourists from all over. Needless to say, I have a personal connection with Wonderland, and love being able to share that with my kids.

We (my husband and our 4 boys) decided to go on a weekday because we figured we’d be able to avoid massive crowds and longer lines. Dave and I surprised them with a trip to Wonderland instead of a day at school (shh!!!). Thankfully the weather cooperated, which there’s a 50/50 chance of here in Toronto, considering all the rain we’ve had the past while!

We got there just after the park opened, and it was clear that many other kids were playing hooky too!

First on our agenda was to head straight for our favorite roller coasters like Vortex, Stunt Rider, The Fly, the Ghoster Coaster, Mighty Canadian Minebuster, The Bat, Backlot Stunt Coaster, and Wonder Mountain’s Guardian. Then also the Bumper Cars a couple of times, and got refreshed with the White Water Canyon and Timberwolf Falls rides!  I know you are all wondering if we were brave enough to take the Yukon Striker plunge! The fastest (130 km/hr), longest (3,625 feet), and tallest (245 feet) dive coaster that has everyone talking about. Unfortunately, a mixture of fear and time prevented us from taking the “plunge”.  Maybe next time. Maybe not. Maybe I will continue to live vicariously through others!

After our day at Canada’s Wonderland, I wanted to put together some of my favorite “mom-hacks” so you can make the most of your own trip to the amusement park:

  • Have a big breakfast before you leave the house. Food is expensive at the park, so if anything, I’d suggest bringing lunch (so that you can picnic at your car mid-day), and maybe buying snacks to eat if needed throughout the day.
  • Split the family up. If you have two kids who are older and you trust going off alone, then let them do that while you stay with the younger ones. Or, split up each parent with the kids who DO enjoy roller coasters, and those who don’t.
  • Park far away. There is ample parking, so take your time to get all your things together. Don’t leave anything valuable in your car.
  • Get the Fast Lane” pass to bypass the regular wait lines of your favorite rides and attractions. There is an additional cost but saves you time (and patience!) especially when you have four hungry, tired, hot boys
  • Rent a stroller. The park is hot and it’s huge. If you rent a stroller for younger kids, you won’t have to stop frequently to allow them to rest, but you also won’t have to carry them on your shoulders when they’re tired.
  • To stay hydrated, we brought in several bottles of water that we carried in small drawstring bags on our back. The souvenir Bottle Program also helped us stay refreshed for the day. It entitled you to FREE refills all day for your first visit, and $1.25 for each refill anytime you come back this season. Great option for us with the 4 kids!
  • Consider investing in a season’s pass. You only have to go 3 times to make it worth your while, and it’s an awesome option if your kids aren’t in camp. Between the regular park and the waterpark, even if you just go for 3-4 hours because your kids are bored at home, it’s a fun, active thing for you to do to keep them occupied.

All in all, this was an amazing day for my whole family, and brought back so many fun memories from my past.

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