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More About my eBooks

Ab Blast Guide – The ultimate guide designed for women who are looking to tone and sculpt their abs!

4 Week Butt Blast – The ultimate guide designed for women who are looking to create that perfect backside!

Kettle Kickbox – This workout is designed by Tony Wallace , the “King of Kettlebells” (, and I. Tony has many years of experience as a recognized Boxing coach, and kettlebell instructor. He also hold 3 black belts, and 1 blue belt in various martial arts disciplines. We have put our expertise together, and have designed a high intensity, high energy, powerful full body workout designed to improve your strength, stamina, coordination, and flexibility.

Incorporate this program into your current workout schedule twice a week and you will see results within the first 2 weeks! All you need is 10 minutes (or more!), a kettlebell, and a little room to move.

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