My journey began with what I thought was a joke bet with a friend who said “let’s do a bikini competition next year!”. She knew Nichelle from the gym and always talked about how strong and fit she was. I personally have an educational background in kinesiology and had been lifting weights for over 12 years and considered myself to be in decent shape. I grew up a bit of a tom boy, playing all kinds of competitive sports and have a high expectation to be fit and strong for life. I’d flip through all sorts of fitness magazines admiring those athletes who graced the covers and columns and always wondered if I had what it took to look like that. So, “next year” came around and my friend was signing up with Nichelle for a bikini competition. I realized it was time to step up and challenge myself and signed up for a 15 week Figure competition package. I chose to do a figure competition was so that I had a goal to work towards and knowing I had to get up on a stage in a tiny bikini and 5″ heels in front of an audience was what was going to make me stick to it 100%. Not only was I going to get a hard body, I was going to show it in front of hundreds of strangers! Those who know me, know I’m usually quiet and shy so this was way out of my comfort zone. I was excited for the workout and nutrition plans but nervous about the competition. I really wanted to look like I belonged up on that stage.

The plans were simple and straight forward and by sending in my progress photos every 2 weeks, I was held accountable for my results. People are always surprised when they learn that my coaching was done all online. Nichelle could see my progress and would tweak my meals and workouts accordingly. Everybody’s body reacts differently to different foods, weights, cardio, etc. and this is why it was important that the program was tailored to my body and my goals. Almost immediately, I started shedding weight and was feeling fantastic. I realized that although I thought I was eating healthy before I wasn’t eating clean. My hard earned muscles were popping out now and I could finally see all my hard work from over the years and it motivated me to stay on track. Yes there were days I struggled with cravings and yes there were days I didn’t want to get up super early for my workouts. But I had that goal in front of me and I was seeing crazy results. I told myself that I wanted to know that I gave it 100% and wanted no regrets on competition day. Nichelle was always available if I had any questions and was always encouraging. She really cares about her clients and loves what she does.

Throughout the process, I was constantly in contact with my wonderful Team Laus facebook family of spectacular ladies who were going through their own journeys. Some had recently competed, some were also doing their first competition, and some were on a “getting into your best shape” plan. This group, with Nichelle were an incredible support system. We shared our ups, our struggles, our successes, had a lot of laughs, and became inspirational to one another. This was something I never expected through my journey and joining the group is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve met so many wonderful people and my eyes opened up to the Fitness world in a new way.

Competition day came and thanks to Nichelle I had no doubt in my mind that I was 100% ready to step on that stage. I had lost an incredible 25lbs and weighed what I was at age 18 but my body composition was totally different. I felt strong, beautiful, and found a new confidence in myself that I couldn’t help but strut out there with pride! I had accomplished my goal and the challenge and hard work had been worth it. I felt I belonged on that stage with the other competitors and to my surprise I placed 3rd and 5th in my two categories! I honestly never expected that and was shocked and humbled. I blew my goal out of the water!

I got so much more out of this than the hard body I wanted. I learned so much about my mental and physical capabilities and I made new friends who are all wonderfully strong women. This was a journey of a lifetime and it’s not over. Thank you Nichelle!”

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