“I had always wanted to compete in a bikini or figure competition with the Alberta Bodybuilding Association. Many many reasons why I couldn’t compete always cropped up. Time being the biggest factor. So I made some. I retired from the Oilers Octane Cheer Team, signed up for the 12 Weeks to FabuLaus program and picked up a month to month pass at the closest gym to my house.

I saw results within the first two weeks. I had almost 100% more energy, I was sleeping better, I was more productive & positive at work. Hands down I was just happier.

I’m not going to lie and say it was a breeze. There were some hard days. Especially over the holidays. But I made the choice to keep on track. I kept reminding myself about the goals I told Nichelle I wanted to achieve in the new few years.

1. Compete in my first Bikini Competition – it’s in May and I feel so incredibly prepared for the next 5 months of contest prep.
2. Take home the top 3-5 of my age category within the next couple of years of competing.
3. Be featured in or on the front cover of a respectable fitness magazine.
4. Be sponsored. I have a few companies in mind that I would LOVE to work with, *ahem
Cough cough GymStar and Gaspari Nutrition cough cough*
5. Do another photoshoot with Dave Laus, and I’d love to work with Aresnik Studios, Paul Buceta and Mike Prado to name a few.
6. Star in an action movie with, or go to the gym with or take a picture with or a shoutout in instagram from, heck I’ll take a wave from across the street from The Rock. Im a total fan girl.

With my 12 journey ending with 18 pounds lost and my first competition prep starting, I’m so blessed to have found Nichelle and the Team Laus athletes. Such and amazing group of ladies that help keep you motivated, positive and laughing!”

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