I have just completed my 8 weeks o FabuLAUS program with Nichelle. I canNOT say enough great things about this program. It just simply works! I had a great summer filled with socializing; appetizers, and other junk as well and, of course wine. AH!! I had so much fun in fact, that I didn’t notice the weight creeping in. I was also feeling lethargic, unmotivated and pretty down on myself once I stepped on the scale. I decided to do this program knowing full well that I would have to put a lot of hard work in. I myself work in the fitness industry and I know what it takes to turn your body, but mostly your mind around. So when I started the program, I found the food prep and the amount of food you (get to) eat, very difficult. But once I was in the groove of everything, it as super easy. Nichelle was there every step of the way. If I had any question in relation to food, exercise, or substitutions, she was quick and easy to get in touch with. I stuck to the food and exercise program and I feel incredible. I lost 15 pounds on the program, and my self-esteem is through the roof. Getting compliments on my physique as well as my glowing skin and bounce in my step always helps. Nichelle is a super motivator and I plan to keep going on this program even though my 8 weeks are up! Thank you to Nichelle for an amazing journey!