“I first met Nichelle when I joined her kickboxing class. When I heard about her 8 weeks to fabuLAUS program I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see how my body would change with the help of a trainer….and to have the photo shoot at the end of it all, I couln’t think of better motivation and accountability. And what a fantastic way to commemorate my 40th bday and the 5 year anniversary of my heart attack than with a photo shoot of me in the best shape that I’ve EVER been in. Nichelle’s meals were jam packed with deliciousness and her workouts made me want to push my limits. Nichelle is always so supportive and motivational. It is obvious that she is so passionate about being our coach. A huge bonus to having Nichelle as my coach is gaining the army of women she has on her team. All of us with different lifestyles, bodies and goals coming together to lift each other up to the highest highs. To help us when we are feeling low and to motivate by seeing each of our successes. We are a fit family. And I am so glad I got an opportunity to experience this!!”