I am a 42 year old, single mother of 2 and during these tough times, it was challenging keeping up with fitness and staying motivated.  When this opportunity came open, I was looking for new focus, new goals, and I wanted to do something for myself and for my own mental and physical self care.  I was hesitant, and nervous because I had never taken on such a challenge before so I said “what better time than the present?”
I knew Nichelle was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and like me, a busy mom.  She guided me through the process seamlessly, and although everything was online, I felt like I could ask any question, any time.  The biggest challenge was the meal plan, but even when there was a meal I didn’t like, Nichelle gave options, gave flexibility, and that for me made everything easier, and manageable.  Fast forward 8 weeks later to the photo shoot day, and I was an absolute nervous wreck, never had I been in the spotlight, never had I been part of anything so amazing involving so many women of different ages, backgrounds, body types, it was better than I could have ever expected.  That was my time to shine!!  Nichelle and Dave were the power team, Nichelle answering questions, bronzing me up, while Dave directed, joked, and made me feel so comfortable and incredible infront of the camera.  I ended the day already knowing I would be back for more!  Can’t thank these two enough for an amazing experience!  Thank you!
Erin Ouellette

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