Glenda Furkalo Get in Your Best Shape Transformation

“Been meaning to do this for a while!! The amazing 12 week program with Team Laus. I started near the end of January, 2017 with a week of being sick…so I tacked on an extra week. I have not felt so amazing….I knew I was heavier, but did not think it was that much, then I saw photos that showed results!! I won’t lie….I honestly wasn’t sure I’d finish. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a quiter, then Nichelle’s words echo in my head “trust the program”!!! I’m so glad I listened!! Still keeping up with weights and modified plan…I have maintained my weight and I plan on doing a few more programs time permitting!
Thank you Nichelle and thank you to an amazing and hilarious support group #teamlaus !!”
Congratulations Glenda, I am so proud of your transformation!
Stay fabu-LAUS,
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