Jenn Meacham – 8 Weeks to FabuLAUS

I started with Nichelle in February 2016. I was desperate for a change and losing myself to a busy life. I jumped in with Nichelle’s 8 week program and it completely changed me as a person. I always had excuses of why I couldn’t look a certain way and justified it by saying I didn’t have the willpower. In the 8 weeks program I was able to prove to myself that I was mentally stronger than I ever imagined possible. It wasn’t about how much I loved the way my body looked but how good I felt – my PCOS and hypothyroid systems were the best they have ever been from changing my diet and exercise routine. The day of the photoshoot I felt sexy, confident and like me again!

After that program I went on to a 16 week competition prep, her Ab and Butt Blaster workouts, group bootcamps, Women’s Empowerment seminars and two more seasons of competition prep!

I can’t say enough about Nichelle – she delivers the exact support I need, she’s constantly striving to upgrade her skills, she never asks her clients to do anything she wouldn’t do and She is the best supporter of women.

I have reached so many personal goals, grown as a person and found my own strength. My only regret is not joining Team Laus sooner!

Congratulations Jenn, I am so proud of your transformation!
Stay fabu-LAUS,
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