My transformation began nearly 2 years ago when I decided that I needed to take control of my body and my health. After going through some traumatic disappointments I became an emotional eater without even realizing it.
When I was 48 yrs old going on 49 I was mentally stronger but physically I was not happy not only with how I looked but I had also developed some health issues so I decided to check online for a coach and came across Nichelle Laus’ website. After reading her bio I was so impressed at her achievements all while raising 4 young children I knew she would be the perfect coach for me. I was interested in the competition package but decided to first try her “12 Weeks Fit & Fabulous ” program instead. However competing was always at the back of my mind. I had already belonged to another popular fitness chain so off I started with Nichelle’s meal and training plans. Unfortunately I ended up with a shoulder injury and decided I better hire a trainer to avoid any more injuries. It took several months of physio and reduced training to overcome my injury. In the meantime I was losing weight and becoming stronger. Once my shoulder healed I made the decision to compete once I turned 50. I wanted to be “fit and fabulous at 50! Ͷ Although my trainer was good I wasn’t achieving the results I wanted so I spoke to Nichelle and I signed up for the competition package and she recommended Andrew Cleary to be the best trainer for me at OTC. She was absolutely right! Andrew was (and continues to be) kind, patient and made sure my workouts were pain free. He turned my body into competition form in a few short months!
The whole process was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I often wanted to throw in the towel but encouragement from the ladies on Team Laus, Nichelle, Andrew and my friends and fiance spurred me on. I ended up competing at the UFE Showdown and to my delight and surprise I placed 3rd in the category Bikini Masters 45+. It truly was an unexpected ending to my journey. This might sound cliche but even just walking onto that stage I already felt like a winner. I had made it and didn’t give up! The win was just the icing on the cake.
I am happy to say my health issues have diminished and my doctor attributes that to my healthy, clean eating and exercise plan. I can’t thank Nichelle and Andrew enough for all that they have done for me. I also have to thank Julie Christine UFE Pro for her awesome posing routines ( although nerves got the better of me and I forgot some of my routine!), and once again team Laus for writing posts to me and others because they were always inspiring and motivational.
My fitness journey will continue and it’s time to set a new goal which I know will all be possible because of this strong team and the best coaches ever!!

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