“I contacted  Nichelle in July 2013 looking for information on fitness plans and package, I was carrying extra weight and    was unhappy with how I looked and felt and I wanted a healthy resolution. I was seeing Nichelle’s client success and I wanted to have the same results I have always been athletic and involved in team sports, I wasn’t a stranger to weight training either but after turning 30 I started to notice that I wasn’t able to eat the same and still maintain a healthy weight or figure that I was proud of.  I became a professional excuse-maker for every extra pound I was holding onto.  I blamed my figure on years of failed fertility and hormone treatments, over indulgence, quitting smoking, and shift work. I had convinced myself that extra weight was just a sign of getting older and I should accept it.

After the last round of fertility I was approaching 165 lbs. and knew that I needed a big change. I needed to fix my body and heal my heart.  I had to stop waiting and wishing for things that may never happen, we only get one shot at life and I needed to start making things happen for myself.  I wanted a body that I was proud of, an ABLE body that “worked” rather than one that was broken or wouldn’t function the way it’s supposed to.  I could continue to hate the way I looked and felt or I could choose to do something about it.  I met Nichelle years ago through work and have always been inspired by her “never give up attitude” and “if you want it go and get it” philosophy.  It only took one email from her for me to know that I had found my coach.   Initially I was going to complete this transformation in confidence without anyone knowing, however I soon was introduced to the amazing women of “Team Laus” and the support and encouragement these women offered me and each other was like nothing I had ever experienced.  Each one of us has our own path with different goals but the obstacles we have are all the same.  These women were and are instrumental in my success.  Nichelle has created a network of women who empower each other, who celebrate everyone successes.  Day after day there was always someone setting a goal or achieving a personal best.  Pushing themselves to the limits and inspiring the rest of the team to do the same.

Part way through my 16 week training package I was starting to see huge results. I was blown away with the changes in my body, this fueled my motivation and I wanted to push harder.  I started to look forward to new meal plans and training schedules.  I needed to set a goal and so I had decided that I would compete in an OPA show.  Nichelle was amazingly supportive but also realistic about my goals.  She was there with me every step of the way, helping me with all my questions and concerns (and there were many), she is patient, kind, trustworthy, and honest and her passion for fitness is infectious.  She is a strong coach that motivates you to push hard to achieve your personal goals all while empathizing with your struggles, a perfect balance.  Because of Nichelle’s expertise and strong coaching skills I walked on stage in November with pride and a newfound level of confidence.  If you are considering training with Nichelle and are looking for proof, I can personally attest to losing 40 pounds in 4 months HEALTHILY no short cuts just hard work and amazing support with “No Excuses” it wasn’t always easy but I was never alone in the process.  I have a coach who walks the walk and leads by example.  If you are willing to invest in yourself (and do the work) you can trust that Nichelle will get you to wherever you want to be.”

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