I’m a 40 year old mother of 3 amazing children, a wife and a shift worker. I have always been self conscious about my appearance but I had hit an ultimate low. I was at a point where I didn’t want to be photographed with my kids because I disliked what I saw so immensely. It hit me I am always telling my kids to love themselves walk tall and it dawned on me what am I showing them? I never came out and said I dislike this but they were picking up on it. Not what I want for them. They are my world and if I want to be the best for them I needed to be my best version. I couldn’t allow my insecurities project onto them.
There’s a million excuses family members ill, surgeries, acceptance. But that’s life right.
So enough was enough I no longer wanted to hide but be up front for memory building. So I reached out to Nichelle. I signed up for the 12 week best shape of your life program.
Nichelle listened to what I wanted. Fielded any questions I had (which could be many at times). She even answered me while she was on vacation!! She asked me to trust in her and I put all reservations away and did. Good decision? No a GREAT decision. I’m down 20lbs. Feeling good. But recently came back from vacation with the kids and am happy to say there are photos glore. I no longer hide from memory making moments. I can’t describe what that really means.
What I liked was the structure. I do well with structure and rules and this sets everything out. Being able to send off a message and get support. I’m not on social media but I am certain from the support i received that Nichelle’s other forums would be as good if not better.
My future plans? Another program from Nichelle. And start living stop hiding. Thank you Nichelle.