“I have always worked out and eaten clean, with treats in moderation of course, and weighed around 117-120 comfortably.

I started training hard with weights in May and lifting heavier than I ever have. I was able to build some size in areas I was lacking (bum, shoulders) while leaning out my body and I am very happy with the result. Never be afraid of lifting heavy ladies!

I entered 2 fitness Competitions for November 8th and 9th and came in leaner and more proportioned than I ever thought I could! I went on stage at 100lbs and felt I brought my best package yet.

Over the last 20 weeks I was able to slowly put on muscle definition as well as lean out my body which is hard to do, it takes time and consistency. I wanted it bad enough so I trained hard and ate, a lot, lol. I am super happy with the physique I have now as I am stronger and more defined than I have ever been.

I am excited for what the future holds and want to continue to share my story to inspire others and to show that if you it bad enough you can make it happen!
Be consistent and just trust the process:)
Go Team Laus!”

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