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Julietestimonial_optJulie (16 week Bikini competition preparation package + 1 month extra) wrote:

“In May of this year I contacted Nichelle after spending many hours wondering whether or not I had what it took to compete and get up on that stage. I will never forget our conversation. She called me while doing her cardio session. She was happy and upbeat and more then happy to answer any questions I had, even through she was on the treadmill !!!  Nichelle did not pressure me into committing to her program, she just encouraged me that I could do it. After speaking with Nichelle I knew I had found my coach. She was upbeat and positive and just so happy to answer all my questions. Trust me I had lots!!

I began my journey with Nichelle’s meal plans and intense training. I just kept remembering what she told me, trust the process and you will be successful. Nichelle’s meal plans were simple, straight forward and easy to follow. Her training was intense and challenging which led to steady and continuous results.

Here I am 5 months later and have lost a total of 24lbs and 15.5 inches!!!  Nichelle is an incredible coach and motivator!!  She is full of enthusiasm and kindness and has a heart of gold!!

Thank you Nichelle for leading me through this journey and onto the stage for my first competition!!  This weekend I placed 5th in the KW Oktoberfest Natural Classic and qualified for Provincials next year!!

Couldn’t of done it without you!!  Thank you!! Xoxo”


Nadine (2 x 16 week Competition Prep Packages and now working towards future goals) wrote:

“I’m an extreme person with very little knowledge and experience in moderation. As it relates to fitness, I find myself passionate in anything I do. I love training, whether it be racing, boxing or bodybuilding. I believe in walking the walk and expect nothing less from others than what they can expect from me. Upon making my decision to compete in bodybuilding I had no hesitation in who to turn to. The same week I was going to pick up the phone and call Nichelle and beg her for her help, she posted she was now officially taking on clients . Definitely a sign I was meant to have her in my life !

I was not sure how Nichelle would relate  to me but I knew what she was made of and her passions, her priorities, her values and ethics  were similar to mine  and I felt she could assist me and help me grow into the best possible package I could present on stage .
Nichelle  made sure to get to know me enough to ensure that my diet and training would fit into my lifestyle in order to  achieve the best possible results .

Nichelle customized diets for me and training routines for me and the pounds started melting away and  I started transforming my body . In less than twelve weeks I had dropped almost fifty pounds and was in the best shape I’d ever seen my body !
Nichelle checked in with me regularly and made sure my energy was always good and that I was always feeling good .mentally and physically .I am a single mother of two with a full time job and getting sick or injured are not options for me .

I have an awesome coach who believes in communicating and  the importance of being healthy . We train because we love it . I’ve learnt so much and continue to learn and transform my body . I will be continuing to work  hard  with Nichelle to improve my body and bring the best  package I possibly can not only each and every time I step on stage  but each and every day .

I am truly grateful to have Nichelle in my life not only as a coach but as a friend as well . She inspires me every day and I hope to be able to do the same.
Nichelle  Laus will make a difference in  anyone’s life who is ready to be transformed into the best possible package they can be .
Stay safe, stay strong, stay positive”


Carola (12 week “Get in your best shape” package) wrote:

“I was a 51 year old woman facing mid-life crisis when I joined Nichelle in February 2013. I was a fitness “virgin” and my goal was to be in the best shape of my life.

Not only is Nichelle a gorgeous fitness model, she is a beautiful person from the inside out. This became apparent to me after only a couple of weeks into my program. She truly cares about helping women reach their fitness goalsso we can look & feel our best. Nichelle is so dedicated that she responded to my concerns within minutes, from her hospital bed, the morning after giving birth to her fourth son.

My daughter Andrea was so inspired by my journey that she has joined Nichelle’s team too! Not only did I gain a huge injection of self-confidence….I also gained a fitness friend! A HUGE Thank You Nichelle…..for helping me achieve, what I perceived was the unachievable! XO”


Trish (2 x 12 week “Get in Your Best Shape” package) wrote

“I have always been active and healthy, playing rugby, baseball and being a regular old gym rat. As a police officer, I have always been in decent shape but like most women have always struggled with those “last 10 lbs”, but I never let it get in the way of living my life.
However, after a difficult pregnancy in 2011 which included being hospitalized, put on bed rest at some points, retaining water to the point of being unrecognizable towards the end, and life threatening complications after birth, I was weighing in at 244lbs two weeks after my 10lb baby boy was born. I had gained over 100lbs by the time he was born and was determined to lose it.

As my maternity leave neared the end, I was still carrying over 30lbs of that baby weight, and was quite upset when I realized I needed to get bigger uniform pants. At a snug size 36, I was wondering where to go from here. The turning point was my lil guy’s first swimming lesson. I had dug out the swimsuit and after trying it on and crying after seeing my reflection, I made my hubby be the one to go in the water with Josh. After watching how much fun they had and seeing my little guy’s smiles as he splashed in the public pool, I vowed that I would not be that mom who misses out on their kid’s activities due to weight, or has trouble running around and playing because they are out of shape.

Very shortly after this, I reached out to Nichelle and asked for her help. Why Nichelle? Because I have admired her fitness and lifestyle for years, and who better to help me than someone who knows what it’s like? A shift working mom, who is living a fit and healthy lifestyle and makes it a way of life, not a fad or crash diet. And really, as a mom of 4 boys, if she can do it then it really leaves me no excuses with just one little guy at home!
Together we came to an agreement that I would train for a bikini show. Pretty crazy for someone who initially reached out because they wouldn’t wear a tankini at the local YMCA right? But I needed a goal, and I needed to be accountable to myself and Nichelle and have something to work towards. I didn’t want to let Nichelle down, but most of all I didn’t want to let down myself so I jumped into the training plan and didn’t look back.

In just under 6 months, I lost 45lbs and truly got into the best shape of my life. It meant trekking to the Y with Josh in tow, where he ruled the daycare and I worked out. It meant getting up at 330 am some days to get my workout in when the day was going to be busy. It was prioritizing my time to ensure I got in the workouts and food prep while still having time for my family. Definatley a challenge with a toddler with a picky appetite. I started the week after my mat leave ended and just as the holiday season was in full swing with goodies and treats everywhere, really it was not the most convenient time to start. But I realized there will never be a perfect time to start, and you can put it off forever if you are waiting for the “right time” in life to get your butt in gear.

Nichelle was there every single day for me. I wish I could get an exact number of texts that flew back and forth between us. Every bad day, every question, every moment I felt like it was too much, she knew just what to say to get me into check and focused on the goal. Her meal plans were easy to follow and she had tons of suggestions to make healthy recipes and tips to make the prep easier. The workouts were challenging and every week I sent pictures I could see the changes being made. Some weeks were drastic and some weeks were subtle, but the progress was steady and visible. I was getting stronger, leaner and felt great!

Show day has come and gone and it was a fantastic experience!! I reached my goal and got on the stage in my itty bitty bikini, and I felt strong and beautiful. It was an unbelievable experience, one I never would have had without Nichelle as my coach. There are hundreds of coaches out there that can promise you a change if you follow their plan, but not one of them can do what Nichelle does. She is more than a plan, she is a coach, cheerleader, therapist, life coach, and I’m proud to say a friend. If you trust her and put in 100% effort , she will match you with 110% and make sure you hit your goal, whether it’s a show or getting into the best shape of your life! She didn’t just help me get back into shape, she helped me get into better shape than I was pre-baby, and more importantly she helped me get my confidence back.

Stay tuned… I will be continuing to work with Nichelle over the summer as we work towards maintaining and improving my fitness, and working towards the next show ;)”

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