IMG_9215.JPGLindsay, Get in Your Best Shape package:

“I began Nichelle’s program in August 2014,within 2 weeks I started to notice results! Prior to joining team Laus I would spend hours at the gym doing classes and never really seeing any real results. I have learned that my diet and cleaning eating is such an important part of achieving results and being in the best shape of my life. Nichelle’s meal and workout plans were so easy to follow. Nichelle was always there to support and guide me over the last 12 weeks. Anytime I was feeling discouraged Nichelle would always be there to support me and remind me that hard work pays off and the results will come! I feel very lucky that I am able to work with an amazing coach. I am In the best shape of my life and can not wait to continue to apply All the healthy meals and great workouts I have learned over the last 12 weeks!”


IMG_9041.JPGJoann Fox, Get in Your Best Shape package:

“I can’t begin to tell you how good I feel, how good it feels to have people not even recognize me, and how good it feels that Im no longer obsessed about every bite of food. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t for my body and I’m confident that I will be able to maintain a steady weight loss until I reach my ultimate goal (another 20 lbs).
I never thought I would learn to love to kickbox, learn to love intense interval training, and I never thought I would see the muscles in my arms! I’m going back to work in 14 weeks and I’m definitely going in for the shock and awe”

IMG_8801.PNGAndrea Della Mattia, Get in Your Best Shape package:

“After watching my mother start to work on her fitness and seeing her improvements week by week, I decided to give it a try to. In March of 2013, I started with Team Laus to try and lose a few pounds. No big change, just trying to get healthy. I started off slow, trying to find the time to balance working out, eating 6 times a day, and keeping up with school and work, but as the weeks went on I started noticing changes and so did everyone around me. With encouragement like that, I got more and more motivated to keep going. After 5 months of hard work I had finally hit my goal weight. 25 lbs lighter and gained muscle I never knew I could even have! None of it would have been ever possible without Nichelle always checking up on me or my strong mom who never let me give up.”

IMG_8291-2.JPGMichelle Meades, Competition Prep packages:

“I have always worked out and eaten clean, with treats in moderation of course, and weighed around 117-120 comfortably.

I started training hard with weights in May and lifting heavier than I ever have. I was able to build some size in areas I was lacking (bum, shoulders) while leaning out my body and I am very happy with the result. Never be afraid of lifting heavy ladies!

I entered 2 fitness Competitions for November 8th and 9th and came in leaner and more proportioned than I ever thought I could! I went on stage at 100lbs and felt I brought my best package yet.

Over the last 20 weeks I was able to slowly put on muscle definition as well as lean out my body which is hard to do, it takes time and consistency. I wanted it bad enough so I trained hard and ate, a lot, lol. I am super happy with the physique I have now as I am stronger and more defined than I have ever been.

I am excited for what the future holds and want to continue to share my story to inspire others and to show that if you it bad enough you can make it happen!
Be consistent and just trust the process:)
Go Team Laus!”

20140624-153958-56398113.jpgAnnmarie Levecchia, Get in Your Best Shape program:

“I was on the 12 week program to compete and lost 25 pounds during my program. Nichelle’s program challenged me in ways I never thought and also shaped and toned my body like any other program I’ve been on. The tools I have gained here have not only helped me in my physique in confidence but also for a career in law enforcement which I start my training in September. Nichelle has given me a new lease on life!”

20140513-063515.jpgMartini Blake, 12 week Get in Your Best Shape program, plus 1 month wrote:

“I feel like I would be doing the world a favor if I told them about my transformation thanks to your fantastic fitness program. My name is Martini, mother of two (a then 3 year old and 3 month old). After my second pregnancy, I didn’t want to take a full year to get back into shape as I did with my first pregnancy. I gave myself 3 months to get in the best shape of my life and potentially getting up on stage and competing. A goal that I would only achieve with an amazing coach. So the search began and through word of mouth I found out about Nichelle Laus. After Googling her perhaps once too many times I was confident I found a coach with amazing knowledge of nutrition, health, fitness and competition, I was sold. She’s a wife, a mother of four, a police officer, a fitness model, a nutrition expert and a writer… Amazing!

After only weeks of being on her program I was noticing major changes. The pounds were peeling off and pant sizes (and unfortunately bra sizes lol) were shedding away. At the end of my 3 months I was in the best shape of my life. I decided to add another month to my program to get stage ready and compete in my very first OPA competition in both figure and bikini. I did it! Goal achieved! Thanks to my amazing coach/role model and a new knowledge of nutrition and exercise. I feel amazing, healthy, fit and ready to set new goals. Surfing anyone?

There…the secret is out! Do yourself a favor and visit www.nichellelaus.com and make the change you’ve always wanted.

Thank you Nichelle. You are FABU-LAUS!”

20140515-062133.jpgAmanda, 12 week competition prep wrote:

“My journey began with what I thought was a joke bet with a friend who said “let’s do a bikini competition next year!”. She knew Nichelle from the gym and always talked about how strong and fit she was. I personally have an educational background in kinesiology and had been lifting weights for over 12 years and considered myself to be in decent shape. I grew up a bit of a tom boy, playing all kinds of competitive sports and have a high expectation to be fit and strong for life. I’d flip through all sorts of fitness magazines admiring those athletes who graced the covers and columns and always wondered if I had what it took to look like that. So, “next year” came around and my friend was signing up with Nichelle for a bikini competition. I realized it was time to step up and challenge myself and signed up for a 15 week Figure competition package. I chose to do a figure competition was so that I had a goal to work towards and knowing I had to get up on a stage in a tiny bikini and 5″ heels in front of an audience was what was going to make me stick to it 100%. Not only was I going to get a hard body, I was going to show it in front of hundreds of strangers! Those who know me, know I’m usually quiet and shy so this was way out of my comfort zone. I was excited for the workout and nutrition plans but nervous about the competition. I really wanted to look like I belonged up on that stage.

The plans were simple and straight forward and by sending in my progress photos every 2 weeks, I was held accountable for my results. People are always surprised when they learn that my coaching was done all online. Nichelle could see my progress and would tweak my meals and workouts accordingly. Everybody’s body reacts differently to different foods, weights, cardio, etc. and this is why it was important that the program was tailored to my body and my goals. Almost immediately, I started shedding weight and was feeling fantastic. I realized that although I thought I was eating healthy before I wasn’t eating clean. My hard earned muscles were popping out now and I could finally see all my hard work from over the years and it motivated me to stay on track. Yes there were days I struggled with cravings and yes there were days I didn’t want to get up super early for my workouts. But I had that goal in front of me and I was seeing crazy results. I told myself that I wanted to know that I gave it 100% and wanted no regrets on competition day. Nichelle was always available if I had any questions and was always encouraging. She really cares about her clients and loves what she does.

Throughout the process, I was constantly in contact with my wonderful Team Laus facebook family of spectacular ladies who were going through their own journeys. Some had recently competed, some were also doing their first competition, and some were on a “getting into your best shape” plan. This group, with Nichelle were an incredible support system. We shared our ups, our struggles, our successes, had a lot of laughs, and became inspirational to one another. This was something I never expected through my journey and joining the group is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve met so many wonderful people and my eyes opened up to the Fitness world in a new way.

Competition day came and thanks to Nichelle I had no doubt in my mind that I was 100% ready to step on that stage. I had lost an incredible 25lbs and weighed what I was at age 18 but my body composition was totally different. I felt strong, beautiful, and found a new confidence in myself that I couldn’t help but strut out there with pride! I had accomplished my goal and the challenge and hard work had been worth it. I felt I belonged on that stage with the other competitors and to my surprise I placed 3rd and 5th in my two categories! I honestly never expected that and was shocked and humbled. I blew my goal out of the water!

I got so much more out of this than the hard body I wanted. I learned so much about my mental and physical capabilities and I made new friends who are all wonderfully strong women. This was a journey of a lifetime and it’s not over. Thank you Nichelle!”


Sherry (12 week (plus 3 weeks) Bikini competition preparation package) wrote:

“I had just started my summer vacation in July and I was excited to go back to the cottage with my husband and spend our days on the boat in the sun. Day one we get out in the water and it was HOT! I started to take my tank top off to get some sun when I realized I was not comfortable sitting I’m shorts and a bikini top in front of my hubby or anyone else who may be out on the lake.  I got to thinking that I work out 5-6 days a week but I’m not getting the shape that I want. I knew in my heart that I was using bad foods to numb the feelings I was feeling inside.

I don’t have some sad back story at all, I grew up in a fantastic family and I am close to all of my family members, but I do suffer from severe self esteem issues that also trigger separation anxiety as well. Being alone triggers bad feelings for me and I eat to numb them.

Back to my story, I remembered how I had seen Nichelle prepping for shows at Persechini’s gym in Newmarket about a year ago and thinking how great it would be to be able to do one of those competitions.  I would dismiss those thoughts because I was sure that it would never be possible for me to be in that kind of shape.  Once we got home from vacation I said to my husband, “I think I might like to train for a fitness competition”.  His eyes lit up and he told me to contact Nichelle and find out about her packages so I did.

Upon first contact she was super excited to hear from me and she was very encouraging but I didn’t feel pressured. She was honest about what to expect and she assured me that she would be there every step of the way! I was pumped and ready to start so I gathered up my courage and took my before pictures. I felt ashamed of what I had let myself become but I was excited because I knew I wouldn’t look this way for much longer!

On Aug 5 2013 I started probably the best experience of my life!! I got my first meal and training plans from Nichelle and I knew I had to follow them to the letter because in two weeks I would have to send my progress pictures to Nichelle and I didn’t want to disappoint her! Nichelle also started a group called Team Laus on Facebook and all of her clients are added to the group if they are interested. I joined the group and met some of the most inspiring and strong women I will ever know! They were welcoming and knowledgable and they supported me with all of the crazy things I was feeling about going through such a huge transformation.  I started to notice that I was turning to them to sort out my feelings, and that I was voicing my feelings. I started to feel confidence and pride in myself and I realized that I think and feel the same things as any other woman out there. These girls and Nichelle (known as Mama Laus to the group) were pushing me to achieve things I never thought were possible.

On August 26 I got the worst news I had ever received in my life, my Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. My heart was broken but I was determined to be strong for my Mom, my family and for me. Quitting or stepping away from my program was not an option. Nichelle and the team were an amazing support system for me during that time they encouraged me and offered to help in any way that they could.  On October 8, 2013 my Mom passed away in her kitchen with my Dad and my sister with her. I was 2 and a half hours away at home expecting to see her that weekend. My world stopped and I was heartbroken. I received tons of support from Team Laus and some very moving words of support, love and encouragement from Nichelle over the next few weeks. It’s almost like a greater power told me to start this journey when I did because I would need to become stronger and have people I could confide in and depend on since I live so far from my family. On tough days when I didn’t feel like getting out of bed I would receive a message from one of the girls on the team like they knew I would need it. I decided to dedicate my competition to my Mom, she was proud of me for taking on such a challenge and for not giving up when life was turned upside down. 

The entire competition process in the final weeks of prep was an emotional roller coaster.  With carb intake depleted and water manipulation and double cardio everyday it was tough but Nichelle was there for all of us with any questions, concerns or just to vent. On the actual show day she was there prepping all of is for stage and she was so proud of all of her girls.  There was 6 of us competing that day in London and Nichelle came to each of our hotel rooms to make sure we were doing ok and that we were getting ready to be at our best. Her and Nadine ( a fellow team member) prepped each of us for our time on the stage and she teared up as she gave us each a talk about how proud she is of us and how far we have come. She cried when she saw some of the girls come back stage with medals and trophies!

I feel like a new person and I have the confidence to set high goals for myself now because I know that I have what it takes to make it happen.  Going through this transformation allowed me to lose 40 lbs in 15 weeks! To me it was so much more than just weight loss. I gained strength both physically and mentally, I gained determination, I gained confidence and great self esteem. I gained a wonderful group of friends that I hope to have for a lifetime and I gained Nichelle as more than just a coach she was and still is a great support to me.  I will be training for another show in a new category in the new year and I cannot wait to see what Nichelle has in the works for me! I know that she will work me hard but I also know that she will see me as a winner and she will do everything that she can to get me a medal or a trophy at my next competition!

Thank you Mama Laus you have changed me and my life for the better!”

photo 1 transformationLindsey (16 week Figure competition preparation package) wrote:

“I contacted  Nichelle in July 2013 looking for information on fitness plans and package, I was carrying extra weight and    was unhappy with how I looked and felt and I wanted a healthy resolution. I was seeing Nichelle’s client success and I wanted to have the same results I have always been athletic and involved in team sports, I wasn’t a stranger to weight training either but after turning 30 I started to notice that I wasn’t able to eat the same and still maintain a healthy weight or figure that I was proud of.photo 2 transformation  I became a professional excuse-maker for every extra pound I was holding onto.  I blamed my figure on years of failed fertility and hormone treatments, over indulgence, quitting smoking, and shift work. I had convinced myself that extra weight was just a sign of getting older and I should accept it.

After the last round of fertility I was approaching 165 lbs. and knew that I needed a big change. I needed to fix my body and heal my heart.  I had to stop waiting and wishing for things that may never happen, we only get one shot at life and I needed to start making things happen for myself.  I wanted a body that I was proud of, an ABLE body that “worked” rather than one that was broken or wouldn’t function the way it’s supposed to.  I could continue to hate the way I looked and felt or I could choose to do something about it.  I met Nichelle years ago through work and have always been inspired by her “never give up attitude” and “if you want it go and get it” philosophy.  It only took one email from her for me to know that I had found my coach.   Initially I was going to complete this transformation in confidence without anyone knowing, however I soon was introduced to the amazing women of “Team Laus” and the support and encouragement these women offered me and each other was like nothing I had ever experienced.  Each one of us has our own path with different goals but the obstacles we have are all the same.  These women were and are instrumental in my success.  Nichelle has created a network of women who empower each other, who celebrate everyone successes.  Day after day there was always someone setting a goal or achieving a personal best.  Pushing themselves to the limits and inspiring the rest of the team to do the same.

Part way through my 16 week training package I was starting to see huge results. I was blown away with the changes in my body, this fueled my motivation and I wanted to push harder.  I started to look forward to new meal plans and training schedules.  I needed to set a goal and so I had decided that I would compete in an OPA show.  Nichelle was amazingly supportive but also realistic about my goals.  She was there with me every step of the way, helping me with all my questions and concerns (and there were many), she is patient, kind, trustworthy, and honest and her passion for fitness is infectious.  She is a strong coach that motivates you to push hard to achieve your personal goals all while empathizing with your struggles, a perfect balance.  Because of Nichelle’s expertise and strong coaching skills I walked on stage in November with pride and a newfound level of confidence.  If you are considering training with Nichelle and are looking for proof, I can personally attest to losing 40 pounds in 4 months HEALTHILY no short cuts just hard work and amazing support with “No Excuses” it wasn’t always easy but I was never alone in the process.  I have a coach who walks the walk and leads by example.  If you are willing to invest in yourself (and do the work) you can trust that Nichelle will get you to wherever you want to be.”

ShellyAnnetestimonialShelly Anne (12 week Bikini competition preparation package) wrote:

“It was spring of 2012 and I had just  found out that I was pregnant for my second child. Luckily, I was in pretty good shape and training consistently. I had also, in the months leading up to this exciting time, met Nichelle. I knew she was a force to be reckoned with as she managed to stay fit, raise a family and work full time. I liked that. I liked that a lot and felt a need to have more people like her in my life. We chatted a few times and met for lunch throughout our pregnancies. Basically began to plan our return to the stage. Nick named it “our six pack plot” It was really nice.

In march of 2013, I gave birth to a healthy 9lb 14 oz boy and named him Blake. I took a a little time to recover but given the fact that I had remained active through my pregnancy, my early return to the gym was only natural.

After 4 months of consistently hitting the gym, I found myself frustrated with the lack of progression. I wanted more. I wanted to fulfill my end of the “six pack” plot.  I got in touch with Nichelle and this is where it all turned around.

Nichelle introduced me to a group of women, of whom many are mothers of small children.I quickly felt the positive, genuine support that these ladies had to offer. Nichelle created a plan that was realistic and attainable. It was clear, concise and most of all not overwhelming given my lack of sleep and hectic life with a baby and a very busy toddler.
I started my contest prep on September 1,2013 and stood on stage November 2, 2013. I am proud of this accomplishment. I am also very proud to be part of Team Laus. This team has a dynamic that paves the path to success. A spirit that lifts you when you doubt your own capabilities and a dose of reality when the lines get blurred and offers utmost support at the exact moment that you approach a fork in the road and don’t know which way to go.
I can’t thank Nichelle enough for inviting me to become part of Team Laus. It has allowed me to reach my goal and has also left me wanting more. With her help, I have discovered a strength that I knew existed but needed to be unveiled. It has made me a better athlete and a better mother as I have found that perfect balance between hard work and pleasure. The benefits of joining Team Laus go far beyond physical.

THANK YOU Nichelle for your never ending commitment and enthusiasm.”

Julietestimonial_optJulie (16 week Bikini competition preparation package + 1 month extra) wrote:

“In May of this year I contacted Nichelle after spending many hours wondering whether or not I had what it took to compete and get up on that stage. I will never forget our conversation. She called me while doing her cardio session. She was happy and upbeat and more then happy to answer any questions I had, even through she was on the treadmill !!!  Nichelle did not pressure me into committing to her program, she just encouraged me that I could do it. After speaking with Nichelle I knew I had found my coach. She was upbeat and positive and just so happy to answer all my questions. Trust me I had lots!!

I began my journey with Nichelle’s meal plans and intense training. I just kept remembering what she told me, trust the process and you will be successful. Nichelle’s meal plans were simple, straight forward and easy to follow. Her training was intense and challenging which led to steady and continuous results.

Here I am 5 months later and have lost a total of 24lbs and 15.5 inches!!!  Nichelle is an incredible coach and motivator!!  She is full of enthusiasm and kindness and has a heart of gold!!

Thank you Nichelle for leading me through this journey and onto the stage for my first competition!!  This weekend I placed 5th in the KW Oktoberfest Natural Classic and qualified for Provincials next year!!

Couldn’t of done it without you!!  Thank you!! Xoxo”


Nadine (2 x 16 week Competition Prep Packages and now working towards future goals) wrote:

“I’m an extreme person with very little knowledge and experience in moderation. As it relates to fitness, I find myself passionate in anything I do. I love training, whether it be racing, boxing or bodybuilding. I believe in walking the walk and expect nothing less from others than what they can expect from me. Upon making my decision to compete in bodybuilding I had no hesitation in who to turn to. The same week I was going to pick up the phone and call Nichelle and beg her for her help, she posted she was now officially taking on clients . Definitely a sign I was meant to have her in my life !

I was not sure how Nichelle would relate  to me but I knew what she was made of and her passions, her priorities, her values and ethics  were similar to mine  and I felt she could assist me and help me grow into the best possible package I could present on stage .
Nichelle  made sure to get to know me enough to ensure that my diet and training would fit into my lifestyle in order to  achieve the best possible results .

Nichelle customized diets for me and training routines for me and the pounds started melting away and  I started transforming my body . In less than twelve weeks I had dropped almost fifty pounds and was in the best shape I’d ever seen my body !
Nichelle checked in with me regularly and made sure my energy was always good and that I was always feeling good .mentally and physically .I am a single mother of two with a full time job and getting sick or injured are not options for me .

I have an awesome coach who believes in communicating and  the importance of being healthy . We train because we love it . I’ve learnt so much and continue to learn and transform my body . I will be continuing to work  hard  with Nichelle to improve my body and bring the best  package I possibly can not only each and every time I step on stage  but each and every day .

I am truly grateful to have Nichelle in my life not only as a coach but as a friend as well . She inspires me every day and I hope to be able to do the same.
Nichelle  Laus will make a difference in  anyone’s life who is ready to be transformed into the best possible package they can be .
Stay safe, stay strong, stay positive”


Carola (12 week “Get in your best shape” package) wrote:

“I was a 51 year old woman facing mid-life crisis when I joined Nichelle in February 2013. I was a fitness “virgin” and my goal was to be in the best shape of my life.

Not only is Nichelle a gorgeous fitness model, she is a beautiful person from the inside out. This became apparent to me after only a couple of weeks into my program. She truly cares about helping women reach their fitness goalsso we can look & feel our best. Nichelle is so dedicated that she responded to my concerns within minutes, from her hospital bed, the morning after giving birth to her fourth son.

My daughter Andrea was so inspired by my journey that she has joined Nichelle’s team too! Not only did I gain a huge injection of self-confidence….I also gained a fitness friend! A HUGE Thank You Nichelle…..for helping me achieve, what I perceived was the unachievable! XO”


Trish (2 x 12 week “Get in Your Best Shape” package) wrote

“I have always been active and healthy, playing rugby, baseball and being a regular old gym rat. As a police officer, I have always been in decent shape but like most women have always struggled with those “last 10 lbs”, but I never let it get in the way of living my life.
However, after a difficult pregnancy in 2011 which included being hospitalized, put on bed rest at some points, retaining water to the point of being unrecognizable towards the end, and life threatening complications after birth, I was weighing in at 244lbs two weeks after my 10lb baby boy was born. I had gained over 100lbs by the time he was born and was determined to lose it.

As my maternity leave neared the end, I was still carrying over 30lbs of that baby weight, and was quite upset when I realized I needed to get bigger uniform pants. At a snug size 36, I was wondering where to go from here. The turning point was my lil guy’s first swimming lesson. I had dug out the swimsuit and after trying it on and crying after seeing my reflection, I made my hubby be the one to go in the water with Josh. After watching how much fun they had and seeing my little guy’s smiles as he splashed in the public pool, I vowed that I would not be that mom who misses out on their kid’s activities due to weight, or has trouble running around and playing because they are out of shape.

Very shortly after this, I reached out to Nichelle and asked for her help. Why Nichelle? Because I have admired her fitness and lifestyle for years, and who better to help me than someone who knows what it’s like? A shift working mom, who is living a fit and healthy lifestyle and makes it a way of life, not a fad or crash diet. And really, as a mom of 4 boys, if she can do it then it really leaves me no excuses with just one little guy at home!
Together we came to an agreement that I would train for a bikini show. Pretty crazy for someone who initially reached out because they wouldn’t wear a tankini at the local YMCA right? But I needed a goal, and I needed to be accountable to myself and Nichelle and have something to work towards. I didn’t want to let Nichelle down, but most of all I didn’t want to let down myself so I jumped into the training plan and didn’t look back.

In just under 6 months, I lost 45lbs and truly got into the best shape of my life. It meant trekking to the Y with Josh in tow, where he ruled the daycare and I worked out. It meant getting up at 330 am some days to get my workout in when the day was going to be busy. It was prioritizing my time to ensure I got in the workouts and food prep while still having time for my family. Definatley a challenge with a toddler with a picky appetite. I started the week after my mat leave ended and just as the holiday season was in full swing with goodies and treats everywhere, really it was not the most convenient time to start. But I realized there will never be a perfect time to start, and you can put it off forever if you are waiting for the “right time” in life to get your butt in gear.

Nichelle was there every single day for me. I wish I could get an exact number of texts that flew back and forth between us. Every bad day, every question, every moment I felt like it was too much, she knew just what to say to get me into check and focused on the goal. Her meal plans were easy to follow and she had tons of suggestions to make healthy recipes and tips to make the prep easier. The workouts were challenging and every week I sent pictures I could see the changes being made. Some weeks were drastic and some weeks were subtle, but the progress was steady and visible. I was getting stronger, leaner and felt great!

Show day has come and gone and it was a fantastic experience!! I reached my goal and got on the stage in my itty bitty bikini, and I felt strong and beautiful. It was an unbelievable experience, one I never would have had without Nichelle as my coach. There are hundreds of coaches out there that can promise you a change if you follow their plan, but not one of them can do what Nichelle does. She is more than a plan, she is a coach, cheerleader, therapist, life coach, and I’m proud to say a friend. If you trust her and put in 100% effort , she will match you with 110% and make sure you hit your goal, whether it’s a show or getting into the best shape of your life! She didn’t just help me get back into shape, she helped me get into better shape than I was pre-baby, and more importantly she helped me get my confidence back.

Stay tuned… I will be continuing to work with Nichelle over the summer as we work towards maintaining and improving my fitness, and working towards the next show ;)”

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