Now that summer’s here, you know what that means? School is almost out!

Uh-oh … as an entrepreneur, and mom to 4 kids with no extra help, Dave and I are going to have to figure out some sort of schedule/plan that is going to work for us for the summer.

But don’t worry, I have you covered for these crazy 66 days of summer break  (not that I’m counting or anything lol!)

Here are some tips on how to keep the kids occupied during the summer months and help on how you can do it without losing your noodle

  • Get a Summer Calendar and write down all the activities/sports that the kids do. Don’t forget to colour code them for each kid to help stay organized
  • Have the kids do daily chores before anything else. This gives them a sense of responsibility and helps you out as well – vacuum, clean up, pet duties, etc
  • Get outdoors! Ride your bike, play soccer in the field, play tag, go to the park, get moving! Use up all that energy (well, try anyways )
  • Quiet time – fill up a bookshelf, a bin, or a basket with some activity or reading books. This allows them to improve their reading and problem solving skills.
  • Board or card games – yes, I said board games, not “bored” games. There’s so many options now a days that I guarantee you they won’t be bored
  • Have the kids help you with the simple cooking or preparing of meals and/or snacks
  • Kids want your attention. Negative attention is still attention to them. So if they’re acting up, it could be they just want some cuddles and interaction. Unless it’s absolutely urgent, put down what you’re doing and spend some quality time with them.

No matter what, try to find a balance between structure and keeping it simple.

Not Sure How to Include Fitness into Your Lifestyle this Summer?

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