ALWAYS staying focused is a great portion of my success, both personally and professionally. Do you need help staying focused? Here’s a couple of tips that may help:

1. Get organized. With 4 kids, I just have to be organized if I’m going to get anything done. This is key. I usually organize my gym bag, my supplements, my meals, and any other workout gear or accessories the night before. Make sure you charge your iPod (yes I know, nothing worse than a dead iPod when you’re ready to get a pump on!)

2. Come prepared. Show up with a positive attitude! Who can kill a workout with a negative attitude? Showing up prepared shouldn’t be hard if you did number 1 properly! Do you know what body part you’re working on? Do you know how many sets and reps you’re going to do? Have a plan and be prepared for plan B just in case (all the squat racks are full!)

3. Time management. Notice how efficient your workout is when you are in a rush? You get it done. Plan your time ahead of time so you know what needs to get done in a certain period of time. Again, you may need a plan B in case something unexpected comes along. If you can’t get your scheduled low-impact 45 minutes of cardio in, do a 20 minute blast of HIIT.

4. Visualize. Visualize yourself at the end of the tunnel. What is your end result? Don’t stray from the path that you’ve created. Stick to it and always remember that your competition is working just as hard as you are!

Sometimes the little things make such a difference in your output and results. Keep your mind clear and your eye on the prize. Happy training everyone!

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