I love the feeling of being able to become so strong and be back to my inside matching my outside. That was the very best part of my transformation. Inner peace from being so balanced emotionally and physically was life-changing. And I know it IS possible to lose that much weight let alone after having a child. Amazing gift!!!!

The pic on the left was a month after my son and I was over 200lbs. The picture on the right was 12 months later (a week after his first birthday) and me minus -80 lbs! I’m currently expecting my second child and about to embark on this journey again. With everything I learned from Nichelle I know, it’s will not be a question of “if” I get back to that shape, just need patience and consistency…. I’ll be back to my inner/outer balance soon enough!!! I may not hit the stage right when I’m done my mat leave this time but within 2 years of the birth of this kiddo, I’ll be on stage again… Need some time to build a figure type physic :).

Nichelle was the reason I joined Team Laus, obviously. Her support, generosity, and kindness are immeasurable!!! But what I hadn’t expected was the AMAZING group of women on our team! I’ve made lifelong friends and am surrounded by total support and understanding, it’s astounding!!

Congratulations Marna, I am so proud of your transformation!
Stay fabu-LAUS,

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