Do you want a Perkier Butt?

Do you know that whether you are a guy or a girl, one of your anatomies that are constantly being scrutinized is your butt? Is yours tight, perky, and strong or is it saggy and lumpy? Or is it without any muscle tone and just hangs there?

Many say that a perky butt is one of the most attractive part of a human body. If you think so too, read on!

Your butt consists of three muscles – the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. The gluteus medius and gluteus minimus are the muscles on the sides of the hip that are used for the internal rotation of the thigh. The gluteus maximus is the largest of the three muscles and is used for hip extension, outward rotation, leg adduction, and leg abduction. These muscles are collectively called the “Glutes”.

Besides looking good and sexy, strong glutes help us in our daily activities like climbing stairs, or squatting to pick something up. These muscles are essential in sports activities as well. Strong glutes will power your participation in any sport such as cycling, and jumping sports such as football, volleyball, soccer, and basketball.

If your glutes are hanging and lumpy, there is a layer of fat covering the muscles. If that is the case, you need to lose the fat by a combination of cardio, weight resistance exercises, and a calorie restriction diet.

For strong glutes, weight resistant exercises must be included in your workout routines. For some people, exercises such as running up slopes, stair-master or step climbing will have good effect in shaping your butt.  For a perkier butt, you will have to incorporate Squats, Dead lifts and Lunges which are fantastic butt shapers. Some examples of great butt exercises can also be found in my Butt Blast program.

To summarize, you need to lose fat and build muscle. All you need is some commitment and determination on your part and you are already half way there!

Stay fabu-LAUS,